Eligible Adjudications

You may initiate an adjudication over a dispute with another party you are contracted with if certain circumstances apply.

The Adjudication Process

We've outlined the steps in the adjudication process from start to finish.

Selecting an Adjudicator

Use our Adjudicator directory to select an experienced Adjudicator suited to meet your needs.

Adjudicators are required to have 10+ years of experience in the construction industry

About Us

SCDRO is appointed by the Government of Saskatchewan to serve as the adjudication authority for Saskatchewan’s construction industry.

The Saskatchewan Construction Dispute Resolution Office (SCDRO) ensures a fair and transparent resolution mechanism for payment disputes between clients, design consultants, contractors, and suppliers of construction materials.

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Information for clients

Learn how prompt payment legislation impacts clients and design consultants specifically.

General contractors

Learn the impacts of prompt payment legislation from the perspective of the prime contractor in the supply chain.


Suppliers and manufacturers are also protected by prompt payment legislation, learn more here.